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Friday, November 9, 2007

Less Can Be More

Sometimes when looking for accounting methods for personal use or for your small business, less can be more.

Ever try using those complicated accounting applications that you need to be a rocket scientist and takes hours just to figure out how to even use the software? I have and it can be frustrating and cause you to make mistakes.

At their approach is simple. They give you an application that takes less time to figure out before utilizing. With a no nonsense approach, you have less hassles, less confusion, less time to waste before starting to managing your personal affairs or small business.

Your dashboard offers a home for your unpaid expenses and invoices. You can track payments, create small business reports, track mileage, send proposals and have a home for your sales leads and projects. In your contact management field, you can manage your employees, clients, accounts payable and addresses.

No prepayment is required to use this service. You pay as you go. You don't even have sign up fees. Their servers are secure, backed up nightly and also offer SSL encryption. There's even offers free tech support by the people who created this application.

Less is definitely more...

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