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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Benefits of Exercise

There were two studies done that reinforce the importance of exercise. The first study showed that exercise improves depression symptoms and the other study found that a particular regimen can control blood sugar in diabetics.

In the Psychosomatic Medicine Journal, a study was published from Duke University Medical Center that found exercise could be as effective as medicine in relieving depression. The study had 202 men and women, older than 40 who were diagnosed with major depression. At the end of the 16 week study, 45% of the group exercise participants no longer met the criteria of major depression.

Researchers at Calgary and University of Ottawa found the benefits of exercise on disease. This study focused on Type 2 diabetes. 251 people over the age of 39 with the disease who did not participate in regular exercise. The group performing aerobic and strength training saw nearly 1% lower blood sugar readings. This can be translated into about a 25 to 40% decrease in the risk of diabetes related eye or kidney disease and a 15 to 20% decrease in heart attack or stroke.

Let's get motivated to exercise for healthy minds and bodies....

Source: Parks & Recreation Magazine ~ November 2007


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I am going to the gym :-) Good reminder for us 40-ish's


AC Associates said...

Hi Speedcat,
I am right with you on this one! A reminder is great, but I hope it turns into motivation for alot of us...including me.
Thanks for visiting