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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Join Revenue Sharing Boom

I am sure many of you have read success stories in the entrepreneur business world. Why not become one of these successes?

Now with Giblink, you can. You can promote, advertise and expand your business with the use of a business social networking opportunity also known as Web 2.0. This site will allow entrepreneurs and businesses to connect, share thoughts, ideas and also bring to life a business plan, all while helping each other. This is a new concept in online marketing that will allow you to succeed.

Here's some of the benefits to Giblink:

Everyone that Joins after you will be on YOUR Team.
You will get online continuing education!
Full phone support from two top earners!
You'll get taught a proven "passive marketing"
strategy that works.

Web advertising is growing in astounding numbers. There are millions being made by corporations. Are they sharing their revenue with you? NO

GoDaddy produced $100 million in revenue last year, Google reported a whopping $1.6 billion. What about other sites that you know are generating large sums of money...MySpace, You Tube?

With Giblink being the world's first revenue sharing community, they will be sharing 70% of the revenue back to their community members.

We've all heard the must be in the right place at the right time. Well, I believe the right time is now.

A Business / Social Networking site such as this, while offering a share in the revenue to it's members, is undoubtedly going to cause a huge global income generating wave.

Catch the wave! Click Here For More Information!

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