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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Adding value to your home can be done simply by sprucing up your kitchen light fixtures.This is an inexpensive remodel and will improve your kitchen's appearance. The key to good lighting is the type of fixtures you choose and the placement of the lights.

Define each area of the kitchen separately. The main task space and the dining area should be lit independently. The variety in lighting fixtures are endless...contemporary, country, traditional, Old World and the range of materials can go from pewter, polished nickel, brass or colored glass.

Don't make the mistake of over lighting. This can make the kitchen get too hot. You want even lighting through out the room.

Pendant lights are often used over the counters and islands. Recessed cans are the least intrusive type of lighting. Decorative lighting options can include chandeliers and sconces. One trend seen is having a beautiful wrought iron chandelier over a breakfast table. If you want to create a focal point, try adding a fixture containing stained glass, crystal or antique brass.

Here's a Tip:
If you have cabinets that have a high gloss finish, the lighting should be more subdued. If not, the light will bounce off the cabinets and create too much sheen. If your cabinets have a matte finish, you could compliment them with a sparkling chandelier.

Remember that your kitchen lighting fixtures should blend with the style of the room instead of looking out of place.

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