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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who Would of Thought?

My friend has family in Iowa. Her brothers' son (her nephew) was born with a heart defect, which makes his health critical on a daily basis. The little one must be monitored 24 hours a day. This condition causes other side effects, but makes his heart stop for no apparent reason.

The parents living in the middle of no where were concerned that if the baby's heart stopped, how would they get to the hospital in time for the medical care immediately needed. Of course the parents were trained in CPR and other procedures necessary to respond to this situation, but his life depends on medically trained doctors at the hospital.

They were introduced to an air ambulance service which would be immediately available to them if the situation was necessary.

Who would of thought was available on the Internet to provide resources to people needing emergency air transportation 24/7 to the hospital throughout the United States? are specialists in medical flight. They provide trained Flight nurses, Paramedics and medical equipment on board this chartered flight.

This has been a godsend to my friends family. They now feel more secure knowing that a potentially life threatening situation can be attended to quickly. This has calmed their fears and they have confidence knowing this service is reliable, has been in existence for 21 years and will provide quality care if needed.

I wanted to bring this to the attention of others who may be in the same situation as my friends family or in the future may find themselves needing an air ambulance.

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