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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Take Time to Reflect On The Past Year

2008 will be here in just a few days. I can’t believe how fast time is going by. I guess my mother was right when she said... "wait til you get older, time will fly by". How true!

Instead of just focusing on how you will ring in the New Year…who you will kiss at midnight or which party you are going to…look back over the past year and remember.

Remember accomplishments, regardless of how small. Remember to count your blessings and remember to be thankful. Some of us might have experienced some hard times, difficult situations or even losing loved ones, but all and all, you (we) are alive and still have many things to be grateful for. My usual saying comes to mind… things can always be worse.
And, they could be.

Did you learn from making a mistake or two? Mistakes can be a very useful learning tool, as long as you do learn from them.

Congratulate yourself if you made a positive change in your life that you will carry over into the New Year. Be proud of yourself for starting a new business, taking a chance, any new lessons learned.

Did you find a new way to make money? Continue with your efforts into the new year and don't give up! Be thankful the opportunity come to you.

Did you join a charity? Volunteer your time? Work on becoming a better person? If you answered yes to any of those... be proud of yourself. Remember that you gave your time, gave a bit of yourself to help someone else, gave yourself time to focus on personal growth.

We take so many things for granted. If you look back over the past year, you will find many things to be positive about.

Here's to 2008, which I hope is an even better year for all of us. Wishing all good health, much wealth, loving friends and family, true happiness and peace.



maline said...

you're right, we should count all our blessings and be thankful! if we made some mistakes and mishaps this year, we should move on and learn from them - it's new year, everyone deserves a fresh start!

the proudest thing i did this year?I started blogging! I have made lots of new friends and got to express my views and musings.

Thanks for this post, happy new year!

AC Associates said...

Thanks so much for visiting and sharing.
I'm with you...I started blogging this year and the rewards are tremendous.

I think so many of us get so busy with 'life' that we forget to thank God for all that we have. How lucky we are...things can always be worse.
People get so caught up with what they don't have,but should realize they should be grateful for what they do have instead.