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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, between 28 and 30 million natural Christmas trees will be sold in the US during this holiday season.

With Christmas being over and New Years right around the corner, it will be time to take the decorations and tree down. 93 percent of consumers who purchased natural trees will recycle. Some trees will be collected and chipped for mulch and others end up at a large composting facility.

Jefferson Parish, La, uses Christmas trees to construct underwater 'fences' which prevent saltwater from invading freshwater marshes. Many states use the trees to create fish and bird habitats. They are also used to slow erosion on beaches and riverbanks. There is also a Canadian pharmaceutical company that has discovered a way to harvest a flu vaccine component from the conifers.

Some people recycle their Christmas tree and don't realize it. Trees are processed in their own backyard, using the trunk for firewood. When putting their tree out for trash collection, their tree is actually being separated and given to tree recyclers.

To find a Christmas Tree recycler in your area, check Earth 911 maintains a searchable national database of more than 3,500 recyclers and collection events.

Source: Waste Age Magazine

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