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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

NJ Is The Fourth In People Leaving The State

Since I currently reside in New Jersey, I found the following information to be of interest.

New Jersey is the fourth in people leaving the state. In recent studies and polls it shows that more people are leaving the state than coming in. More than half of those who remain would like to leave also.

A study produced by Rutgers University professors James Hughes and Joseph Seneca reported that in 2006, 72,547 more people moved out of New Jersey to other areas of the United States than moved in.

The study also showed those moving into the state were less wealthy than those moving out.. The study predicts that as a result of the pace of the out-migration, New Jersey may experience a net decline in total population in 2008.

In another poll conducted in September by the Monmouth University Polling Institute and Gannett found that half of New Jersey's residents would like to move out.

According to the study released in the Asbury Park Newspaper as well as other Gannett newspapers last month, more than half of the 801 adults surveyed expressed a desire to leave New Jersey, with half the group saying they are very likely to leave.

Nearly 60 percent of those indicating they would like to leave stated financial issues, such as: property taxes, high costs of living and housing costs. This is evidence showing that New Jersey's high costs are a problem for both businesses and residents alike.

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