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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Have you ever heard that saying...Laughter is the best medicine? I have heard people say that on many, many occasions. Did you know that laughter really does do a body good? There is truth in that saying...

Research studies have shown that laughing can actually stimulate a positive, physcial change in your body. Although having a good laugh can't 'cure' everything, but it certainly can help you deal with stress.

Negative thoughts can cause a chemical reaction in your brain that can increase stress and decrease your immunity. When you keep positive with positive thoughts and include laughter, your body releases chemicals that help fight stress.

Laughter also helps your body produce natural painkillers.

Have you ever used laughter or humor in a tough situation? Laughter can help you make 'light' of a situation, giving you an emotional release.

Make laughter a part of your day. Read a joke book, watch a funny tv show or movie, play a silly game with your kids or go to a comedy club for your dose of laughter.

Do your body some good...and laugh!

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