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Monday, November 10, 2008

How To Dispute Unpaid Collection Accounts~One Secret Revealed

Here's a bit of information from Chris, who is a master at teaching do it yourself credit repair.

How many times have you received a 'collection' letter out of the blue and know it is not yours? Or, received a letter regarding an item that has been previously paid? You may also have a balance on a debt that was 'charged off' but then receive a collection letter.

How many of you what do I do? Like so many other people, you may not realize there IS something you can do other than panic or pay this money to the collection agency.

The below How To Tip is actually considered a credit repair 'secret'. Credit repair agencies even use this method, but it actually costs you much much more to have this method put to use for you. Why? DO IT YOURSELF! See more Credit Repair Secrets From Chris. Just click Here

Here's how to Dispute Unpaid Collection Accounts:

Dispute UNPAID collection accounts with the
collectors first and then the Credit Bureau.

Collection agencies are subject to Federal Law
and when a dispute is issued to them by a
consumer, they are required by law to stop all
collection attempts until they validate the debt
and provided consumers with documentation for the
account in question. In other words, the must
prove the debt.

The Debt may be correct or not but this is NOT
the issue, because collectors must comply with
the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
requirement of validating accounts.

Guess what?

It can take time, even months to get validated
with the proper documentation from creditors.
Many times the paperwork it is not in their
possession, especially if they purchased the

I discovered that some times collectors will sue
you without having ADMISSIBLE evidence--most of
the times they have a false affidavits.


Because a debtor will usually never challenge the
evidence and a default judgment is awarded to the

Now here is the trick, if a collector verifies a
credit bureau dispute without reporting back to
them that this DEBT is in DISPUTE by the
consumer, they have violated the law.

See where I am going? If you dispute collectors
first you have a better chance of having the item

Also what's good about this strategy is, if the
account is reported as "disputed" by the
collector it is suppose to no longer be a factor
in the credit score. Why, because the account is
in dispute.

Many times the entry is deleted from the credit
report. This works great with medical bills. Send
the disputes about one day apart.

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Petitez said...

Hi, I really appreciate you for sharing this very helpful article. I never experienced an unpaid collection issue, but this is a heads up to me.

Thanks ;0

AC Associates said...

Hello petitez,
Thank you for visiting. Many people do have problems with their credit reports and have experienced these collection letters. I wanted to let others know there are ways to do it money by not having to hire credit repair companies or worse...panic and get ripped off. Maybe this post will help someone in this situation.