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Friday, November 7, 2008


I wanted to bring your attention to a website that offers many opportunities. You can GET advice on various topics and at the same time, if you are knowledgeable in a particular area, you can GIVE advice as well. Keep in mind that this website is FREE if you register as a Advice Network user who wants to get or give advice. As a user, you can also write and submit articles using targeted keywords.

There is a samll fee if you are a vendor who wishes to join this network. BUT... this is a small price to pay if you are looking to market your business, product, service or blog.

Deluxe: Starts at $20/month:
Radius is Nationwide
Lead Cost:$3 (50% off Standard cost)
Search listing is Prioritized above Standard listings

Standard (Free)
Radius is Up to 20 miles
Lead cost: $6
Search listing is Ranked below Deluxe listings

What this means is to you:

1) Find a pro or vendor and get advice or answers to the questions you may have
2) Submit advice to reach others seeking answers
3) Bring additional traffic to your business, product, service or blog
4) Rank higher with search engines
5) Connect directly with targeted audiences
6) Writing articles is definately one important way to get your name out there and market your business, product, service or blog

Some topics already established on are:

* Business and Professional Services
* Real Estate
* House and Home
* Weddings
* Events

Advice Network is a free online advice service that gives businesses the opportunity to directly connect with customers looking specifically for businesses within their industry. Advice Network gives businesses: the opportunity to directly reach their target audience, multiple ways to promote their business, exclusive sponsor benefits that generate business, and better search engine rankings

Let's face it...We're always asking for advice or seeking answers to questions we might have. Here is a perfect way to receive those answers in one place by experts.

And FREE, you can't go wrong...

I have even included a couple coupons to use if you think this is a good opportunity to inexpensively market yourself.

20 Off Coupon
2008-10-07 - 2008-11-30
$20 off coupon, good for 1 free month subscription of Deluxe Vendor.
expires November 30

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