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Friday, November 14, 2008

Are You Making These Website Mistakes:21 Website "Don'ts"

I think you would agree with me that Websites are valuable tools. They help establish a business and brand identity, attract new customers/clients and are used for communication.

A website is certainly a useful tool for marketing. Your home page should be well done and if it is not, it is basically worthless. Visitors will just move on to the next site of interest.

Have you ever come across a website that just makes you wonder...What Were They Thinking? Have you ever heard the saying that 'Less can be More'? It also is true with Websites. Keeping a Website Simple and straight to the point will do more for the person who is visiting than having Flash being overused, or bouncing icons or too many large pictures, etc...

Below is a List of Website Don'ts you may want to consider.

1. Don't try to say too much
2. Don't be too trendy
3. Don't pretend you are someone you're not
4. Don't chose to use images over content
5. Don't let your design overwhelm content
6. Don't use text and background colors that are hard on the eyes
7. Don't use busy or distracting backgrounds.
8. Don't use text that is too small to read
9. Don't allow your text to stretch across the entire page
10. Don't use paragraphs of type in all caps, bold or italic
11. Don't underline text that is not a link
12. Don't use links that are not clear about where they will take you
13. Don't use links that will take readers to useless pages
14. Don't use links that are not underlined
15. Don't have 'dead' links on your website
16. Don't use large graphics that take forever to load
17. Don't use meaningless or useless graphics
18. Don't use blinking text
19. Don't use animations that never stop
20. Don't use overly complex navigation
21. Don't have orphan pages. All pages have to lead you back to where you came from

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Source: The Non-Designer's Web Book

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