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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Need To Get Motivated?

Have you ever felt that you had so much going on in your life that it sucks the energy out of you? I know when this happens to me, I'm probably trying to do too much at one time.

When we don't have the energy, we have no motivation. Without motivation, we probably can't focus on accomplishing anything.

Motivation can be powerful and moves you towards success and accomplishments in every area of your life. Motivation is a driving force. To accomplish anything, you need a driving force and desire. If you don't have these, nothing will happen

How We Can Get Motivated

1. Think, meditate and find out what it is you truly want to achieve. You need to have the desire to do something.
Do nothing for 15 minutes...This might be hard for some people. For me, it's hard to keep still, but I have found learning to be 'quiet' for a short period of time allows me to focus. Having a crazy week? or just one of those days? Doing nothing or sitting quietly will do wonders for clearing your head and reducing anxiety, so that you're motivated to tackle the next challenge.

2. Make your goal very clear. Think often about what you want to accomplish. Again, you need the desire to complete your goal.

3. If you need to motivate yourself to do something, pay attention to the self talk going on in your head. . Sometimes we have thoughts buzzing in our head about what we want to do or need to do, but we're not feeling particularly inspired to do anything about it. Talk to yourself the same way you would to a friend that needed to be inspired. If you're honest with yourself, you know there is a difference between what we hear ourselves saying in our head and how we speak to a friend or loved one to 'pump' them up.

Speak loudly with passion and excitement to yourself. The more energy you put into it, the easier it will be to light the fire inside you.

4. Visualize your goal as already being accomplished. Do not allow your inner voice to bring about any negative thoughts.

5.Think often about the benefits you will gain by achieving your goal.

6. Visualize and think about how great you will feel after achieving your goal.

7. Repeat affirmations such as: I have the desire and inner strength to achieve my goal. Repeat this affirmation often, with faith and strong feelings.

8. Start with doing something small concerning your goal.

9. Is your lack of motivation just really boredom? Sometimes when we do things the same way day after day, our brain tunes out. We all need growth and stimulation. Motivation can return when you feel inspired by other areas of your life.


Viveca said...

Good topic. I was exactly here today with the covers pulled up over my head ... Usually when I can't get motivated it is because I have tooooo much on my plate and too much of it is tedious stuff I don't want to do! Like xeroxing papers for the tax return, cleaning the house, going to the post office, following up on a doctor's appointment and ...

It can be very difficult to do what I love when it is at the bottom of a list like that!

Ajayprabhu said...

Thtas true..Do u remember me?As of now last 10 or 15 comments which I posted on yr blog not get reply of one..Need some motivation? right? Joking.........

Anonymous said...

Good post AC!

Great point about small things to get started. Motivation sometimes gets detoured due to our own minds, habits and intentions. I make task lists, mark the items I want to get done each day, and try to keep it reasonable.

Several years ago, my list for one particular day was relatively short: Vacuum the car, trim and cut the lawn (2 acres), and paint the living room. As you can see the level of effort for these three things were very increasingly different. I chose to start with the biggest task first - the living room. Well, it did not go as planned, I did not get the painting done in time, it got dark, and I never got to even start on the other two tasks at all.

So I did not get to cross anything off my list. But the grass surely got longer, and the car surely got more kid fast food crumbs in it. I was crushed.

My rationale, at the time, was based on an old analogy with a jar, big stones, pebbles and sand. Goes like this:

If you put the big stones in first, your jar is almost filled. Then you put in the pebbles, and they work themselves around the voids of the big stones. Then you put in the sand, which works its way around the voids of the stones and the pebbles. And it all fits nice and neatly in the jar. Jiffy!

But, if you put in the sand first, and then the pebbles, not all the stones will ever fit in the jar.

The theoretical moral of the story: If you tackle the big jobs first, the rest will 'fall' into place.

Works in theory and on paper. But the analogy works fine if your plate is not too full. My plate was too full that day.

So when motivation is the key issue, AC is so right on the money. Baby steps. Get them little ones off your list, and off your shoulders, feel good about yourself and your accomplishments, and you will have more strength and energy to tackle the bigger ones.

So.... the next day, I reversed the order of my tasks, doing the small stuff first, and I got everything crossed off my list. Eureka! And I felt great.

PS. The day after I finished my list, I had to vacuum the car yet again. Kids and fast food in a car is such a great combination....hehe.

But got that task crossed off my list, yet again. It truly can be the little things that make you feel good.....

AC Associates said...

Hi Viveca,
Thanks for visiting. I know exactly how you feel. I do the small stuff first to get it out of the way. When I really don't feel like doing it, I just force myself and then I feel so much better afterwards.

AC Associates said...

Of course I remember you! I did respond to one of your comments at A Circle of Women...
You comment here inspired a post...please read it.

No, it's not having motivation that kept me from replying to comments, just taking one step at a time in getting back to a normal routine. Still recovering from my illness. Wanted to get to the content and information first...Hope you understand...
Have a grest night...

AC Associates said...

Well hello there Anonymous,
Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment.

Yup, I know how you feel, but after doing the small stuff, I sometimes feel motivated to do more and then I get to the bigger stuff.

I'm big for the to-do list. ALWAYS have one. I cross off as I get things done.

Have a great holiday weekend.