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Friday, May 2, 2008

Convert Your Car to Burn Water & Gas ?

Did you know that you can convert your car or truck to a water-burning vehicle (Water Hybrid)?

I came across this interesting article and with the prices of gas these days, who wouldn't want to do this and save a ton of money? Has anyone tried this method? If so, has it worked and was it very complicated?

Converting your car to burn water and gas is a Do-It-Yourself, affordable and simple technology.
Water is supplemental to gasoline or diesel fuel.It is said that you can double fuel economy and many more people said they have doubled or even tripled their mileage.

Too good to be true?

I don't is said to be very simple to install and/or remove.

It's suppose to boost the performance of your vehicle while preventing smog and generate free energy in your car or truck.

You don't change your engine or computer. A quart-size (95O cc) container is placed somewhere under the hood. You fill it with dostilled water and a little bit of baking soda. The device gets vacuum and electricity (12 Volts) from the engine, and produces HHO gas (Hydrogen+Oxygen
The electrical connection is very simple - this company eliminated the need to use relays or any other complications. The device connects to the 12 Volts of your battery via the ignition switch, to prevent hydrogen production when the engine is off. The device is fuse protected and draws very little current, only 1-3 Amps. This could take 10 minutes or less to connect.

Well, if you are interested in converting your car to burn water and gas and save some money, check out it HERE.

Please let me know if you try this and how it works for you.

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