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Monday, June 11, 2007

Are You Stuck in a RUT?

After speaking to some potential clients, I realized many people are "stuck in a rut" with outdated thinking when it comes to selling their homes. People are so accustomed to traditional or outdated thinking. Why?

Because it's comfortable, doesn't take a lot of effort, you know what to expect and there might not be a chance of making a mistake.

They think the only option they have when selling their property is using a realtor. Some are fearful of learning about a sales method they never heard of.....afraid to learn something new...or think outside their own"box".

In keeping an open mind you allow yourself to learn, grow and become a successful individual.

Change the way you think...

It's common that a lot of people feel nervous before learning or trying something new, myself included at times.
Have you ever talked yourself out of something because you felt that way? I'm sure some people have. Feeling uncomfortable out of the comfort zone...who likes that feeling...but, it's usually only for a little while. Over time, the new becomes familiar. I remember years ago when starting a new job, I felt that way, but that feeling only lasted a short time and then I became very confident.

New ideas and new ways of doing things can challenge you and bring change in your way of thinking.
Learning something new can be beneficial and the rewards can be satisfying. It can also be exciting and boost your confidence.
If you restrict your way of thinking, you are working against yourself. By learning something new you change yourself to be better, stronger, smarter.

In my business, as I see more and more For Sale By Owner signs going up and offering Owner Financing, I smile....Whether it's due to homeowners wanting to save money, receive more money or having more tools available by way of the Internet.... I'd like to think that more and more people are willing to learn something new, change their outdated and old patterns of thinking and realize they can be successful doing things on their own. It might mean having more patience and doing a little more work, but the rewards are gratifying.

"Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change"
Dr Wayne Dyer

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped"
Anthony Robbins

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