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Monday, June 4, 2007

FREE OFFER by AC Associates

When I was interviewed by Hali (see prior post-), I mentioned a free offer by my company would be upcoming. I don't want this sounding like just a sales pitch.

I am proud to offer my 54 guide booklet for free to any home owner wishing to learn an alternate way of selling their property and realize they can receive all cash..This sales method is legal, safe and proven.

Actually, anyone in the real estate business would benefit from using this method of sales, as would developers and/or contractors.

Why am I offering this for free ?

I want to help educate those who show an interest and provide a win-win situation. I want to spread the word that there are other alternatives when selling property.
I strongly believe in helping others.
There is no cost or obligation and I will even pay for shipping.

This sales method gets overlooked far too often simply because many are either not aware they have this option to sell their property or they are so used to the standard, familiar way of selling property. I find that people are afraid to learn something new. Open your minds, knowledge is a wonderful thing! And, how good it feels to accomplish this on your own.

I am in a position to help anyone who wishes to receive all cash by offering owner financing and selling your contract immediately. If you are in a financial position where you don't need all cash, a contract can be a great investment. You can defer paying taxes on the gain, plus you'll get a better interest rate than banks pay. You get a nice income secured by your home. If you need to raise cash in the future, you simply can sell a portion of the contract or sell in it's entirely.

There are so many ways people can benefit from owner financing:
1) Home sellers can sell a house quickly on their own without giving commission to realtors.
2) Real estate agents can sell listings faster.
3) Home buyers benefit by getting terms that are favorable. No bank red tape hassles, no points or origination fees.
4) When Dissolving partnerships, whether in marriage or business, a contract can be easily sold and the proceeds divided.
5) Contractors and/or Developers can (and do) use this method to sell property and receive all cash when selling the new note
6) More individuals are able to purchase homes

The bottom line is owner financing solves many problems and everyone involved is in a win-win situation.

You may be thinking "this sounds too good to be true" and I know the saying usually is, but not this time. This is a solid offer to receive this guide booklet( with sample forms and checklists) for FREE. It explains this sales method in simple, easy to understand language. I provide all the support necessary to be successful.

Just contact me and request your guide booklet.
Here’s What One Happy Home Owner Has Said AfterUsing This Program:
“I sold my rental home to the first couple who looked at it. I had it up for sale for only 10 days and I received over 100 calls in the 1st week from following the methods of advertising. I had been so busywith work that I didn’t have the time to show it, or call people back for the 1st ten days. It cost me $50 in all for advertising. My rental unit had been rented out for 3 years with no repair during that time. As a result, it needed $10,000 in repairs. I didn’t even have to repair anything. Your methods found me a buyer that paid me $2000 over the appraised value price.” John Alexander San Antonio, TX

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