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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Have you heard about MY BLOG LOG ?

I discovered this site, My Blog Log about a month ago and already have met some very nice people.
This is a place where Authors and readers of Blogs have the opportunity to get to know eachother. Become friends, share ideas, promote or simply enjoy reading blogs.
Check it'll be glad you did.

I had the opportunity of meeting Halil. He will be launching a new blog.."Peopleized". He wants to bring more people together by way of interviews. What a great idea! You can sign up to get updated and learn more about this interview process.

He requested an interview from me and I want to share it with my readers, so you can learn more about me.
See Below:

Hello Andrea ,

Here are a few questions about you and your blog "AC Associates Blog"
If you use url`s please write it in html if it is possible.

Before we start please some further information.

Send me a few notes on your backround: name, age, where you`re from, etc....
New Jersey

Let`s Start !

1. When did you have the idea to start blogging ?
I thought about blogging after my website went “live”. I figured it was another way to get the word out about my business, help as many Home Owners as I can and maybe other people as well.
I love when I’m able to help and educate someone and a Home Owner successfully sells their home and receives an all cash sale. A win-win situation is very rewarding for all involved.

2. Would you like to share with us the url of your first post?
My first post was actually regarding Google Adsense. Joel Comm had helped me when I was first developing my web site. His tips and information was what I needed to have everything come together. I thought with the popularity of Google Adsense and Joel Comm’s tips, I should bring it to the attention of others. The low cost of $7 to obtain his e-booklet was well worth it.

3. What is your motivation to continue blogging ?
I’d like to share knowledge and helpful tips and maybe a topic of interest to others. I’m the type of person that really enjoys helping others. I’d be lying if I didn’t include bringing attention and traffic to my sites.

4. Where did you get your daily blog inspiration from?
Since I’m a newbie to blogging, what few posts I have are about just what I know, have learned or what I care about. I’m a Home Owner and a DIY’er. I want others to know it’s easy to do things on your own when you have the knowledge. Whether that includes selling your house, doing a project around the house, learning how to pay off your mortgage in less time etc…I want to bring varied posts to people that pertains to daily life or something I think someone might benefit from.
I look at it like this: what I might be interested in or can learn from. I’m sure in time I’ll include posts that pertain to other subjects as my title suggests: Tips, Information and Other Stuff.

5. What´s the goal of your blog?
Again, just being able to help people. If I help just one person, it will bring satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

6. Choose one word to describe your blog?
Hmmm…that’s tough…..Informative

7. What kind of people read your blog and who should read it? How are their reactions?
Honestly, I don’t know the answer to your first question. Definitely Home Owners wanting to sell their homes without using a Realtor. I am willing to teach and support them and show them the other options they have (and might not know about) I’ve had a few positive comments and even been called an “inspiration”, but my blog is new.

8. Are there any posts you are excited to offer?
All the posts I’ve written I’ve been excited about because I thought they brought useful information to people….Home Owners, Pet Owners and others. The short post about the books, The Secret and Your Hearts Desire is really something I think more people should learn about and consider adapting into their own lives.

I have another blog over at SQUIDOO. Can I plug that?! There’s a post offering more in depth information to the FSBO (for sale by owner) I will incorporate a portion of that post to Tips, Information and Other Stuff soon.
There’s also a special free offer from me to the FSBO coming soon, I guess you’ll have to visit often so you don’t miss out.

9. Which of your blog posts had the most reactions from your readers?
The post about The Secret

10. The top 3 blogs you read?
I really haven’t had the time to enjoy other blogs right now. But I do receive emails from the below two blogs.
Real Estate News and Tips for New Home Buyers
And mine

11. Is there anything you want to say at least?
I am open to any suggestions or comments someone might have and I am very willing to help someone if needed regarding selling their home, mortgage or business note, structured settlement or other cash flow.

Your Website:

Blog URL:

Your e-mail :

Thank you very much for spending your time for this interview. Please send me a picture or a avartar that I can publish with your interview.

I will inform you when you can see this interview on my site.
Best regards


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Strategic Niche Articles Resources For Your Internet Marketing Business said...

Hi Andrea,

Congratulation on your having an interview, this will definitely helps to build your reputation and increase your blog traffic.

I will continue checkout your blog to look for new ideas and tips.

Thanks for sharing.

Calvin Chin