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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Turn Used Cell Phones Into CASH!

I received a postcard in the mail today from PaceButler. It explains how you can turn your used cell phones into cash. It's simple, fast, and rewarding with their used cell phone buyback program.

They've made it their goal to offer the fastest payment possible. They cut your check within 4 business days of receiving your cell phones!
Not only will you be compensated financially, but by recycling your used cell phone you are taking a stand against environmental degradation by keeping the toxic chemicals in cell phones out of landfills.
Non Profits: Raise Funds By Hosting a Used Cell Phone Drive

Fundraising is easy with their cell phone drive kit. PaceButler ensures that your organization gets a great price for used cell phones and that your payment is sent to you within 4 days of receiving your phone shipment. As a partner, you'll also be listed in the American Cell Phone Drive directory so that local residents can find your organization when seeking a drop-off center. Better yet, for every 250 phones they purchase, your organization will receive a free $50 Visa gift card to spend any way you choose.

4 Easy Steps:

1.) Use the purchase price list to find the buyback value of your phones.
2.) Request a free FedEx pre-paid shipping label so they can pay the shipping.
3.) Box up your phone handsets and batteries (no accessories, chargers, etc.) then ship with their pre-paid label.
4.) Get Cash! They'll issue your check within 4 business days of receiving your cell phones

Here's a chance to make a few dollars instead of your old cell phones taking up space. I know mine are!

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