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Sunday, May 13, 2007

3 Simple Ways to Add Value To Your Home

"Families that spent more on home improvements also realize the greatest rates of price appreciation," the Harvard Joint Center study said. "In many regions of the country, homeowners recover as much as 80% to 90% of the cost of home improvements in the form of higher home values. Little wonder, then, that homeowners spent almost $2,300 on average in 2001 to help protect and improve their most important financial asset."

If you're getting ready to sell a house, you want to be among the homeowners who recover 80% or more of their investments in the form of a higher price. The key is thinking like a buyer. And what do buyers do? They drive up to a house and look at it. If they're not repelled by what they see, they step inside and look around.

1) Spend money on what can be seen vs. what can't be seen.
2) Fix up the exterior first, then the interior.
3) Focus first on the "Yikes!" appeal -- clutter, trash and bad smells that drive down a home's value.

The improvements that are most visible are the things you need to focus on.

Do a mini-remodel. Transform the look of your home with paint. It sounds simple, but it works! A fresh coat of paint can make your home look clean and fresh. Color and accessories can change a room's mood.

What color works best for your personality?
Black: You likely proceed with caution when faced with sudden changes and exercise restraint when making decisions.

White: Rational people who rely on their analytical powers and objectivity to solve problems. It helps you free your mind to pursue new options.

Brown: Earthy and sensual. Helps you feel comfortable and secure. It encourages authenticity and living in the moment.

Red: Is fiery, energetic and bold, with a sense of urgency. Self-confident and likes to take risks.

Green: Is natural healing and refreshing. You like to solve problems with a fresh perspective and a dose of quick witted humor.

Blue: You're a steady, stable and compassionate person with a devotion to those you love.

Purple: You rely on your keen intuition to guide you through life's challenges. Others find you mysterious and maybe even psychic.

Pink: Playful, innocent, flirty and fun. Romantics love pale pink. Dynamic personalities go for shock value and like the hotter shades.

Orange: An intense color that appeal to your serious side. You are a ethical decision maker who takes pride in achieving your goals.

Yellow: Your outlook on life is sunny, hopeful and bright. You have a spontaneous and cheery nature that others find inspiring.

The following site Benjaminmoore offers a Paint Calculator. Use this to determine how much paint you'll need for the Exterior of your house or any room(s) within your home. You don't want to get stuck with too much or too little paint.
There is a Personal Color Viewer which is also very useful. Chose the color and the animated room viewer will show you how it will look on the walls. This is a great tool.

*You may have to register to use these tools, but it's free and so worth it. I'm sure you'll visit the site many times for varies home projects.

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