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Monday, May 7, 2007


Check out my lens

If many of you are not yet aware of Squidoo, I recommend the site. There is no cost to join.

This will even increase traffic to your Blog(s) and/or Website(s).
I personally have 4 lenses and I assure you, I've seen an increase in traffic to my Blog and Business Website. You can see all my lenses by clicking here.

I have been fortunate to read some great blogs lately. Many of you have great content, ideas and information. Spread your word!

At Squidoo, you make your own "lens" which is a one page website. You can get as detailed as you want: do marketing and advertising, get creative on a subject that interests you, spread your knowledge on a topic you want to share...the possibilities are endless.

More about squidoo, click here
(Click on "about squidoo" bottom left of page)

Squidoo is home to tens of thousands of everyday enthusiasts. Spread your ideas, make yourself known, meet new traffic. (You could even earn a royalty). What's your topic? It's FREE to make a lens.

126214 Lenses and Counting!

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