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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Review of Free Tele-Seminar ~ Call 1

Please go to A Circle of Women to read my review on this Free tele-seminar, which I participated in. As my previous post stated, this was a free tele-seminar offered to help you make 2009 your most profitable year yet.

In my review, I discribe the 4 Realms you need to keep in balance, so you are successful. I think this is a great tool not only for business, but in our personal life also. Whatever it is we want to be successful in….business, goals, breaking habits, relationships and so on. To be successful, we must give 100% in each of these 4 Realms, which includes each subdivision.

Also in my review, I posted a link which will take you to the website to register for part 2 of this free tele-seminar. This is not an affiliate link. There's no catch, nothing to buy...this is a free resource for you to learn from.

I will have access to the recordings of these two tele-seminars if you are interested in them, but are not available. If anyone is interested, please contact me at: and I will give you the link. I do believe this is time spent wisely if you allow yourself the opportunity.

Remember, you don't need a business or a product to sell or a service to offer to gain from this seminar. I believe you can benefit and apply this information in your personal life as well.

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