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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

10 Top New Year Resolutions

The New Year is just about here. This is a time when we reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year.

New Year’s Eve is a night when so many people make resolutions or promises to themselves. Are you one of many that will make a New Year resolution?

If so, Do you believe you will actually keep them?

Setting our expectations too high, can make us fall short sometimes. We get caught up in the moment, announce our resolution before realizing we’ve built up this goal in our mind. Our excitement about making a change or a chance at bettering ourselves is great for the moment, but what about in the long term? Will we still feel as excited as the day we made our resolution?

If you have a New Year’s Resolution in mind, has it made this list of the top 10 resolutions compiled by

1) Spending more time with family and friends
2) Getting more exercise
3) Trying to lose weight
4) To Quit Smoking
5) Enjoy your life more
6) Quit Drinking
7) Getting a handle on your finances and getting out of debt
8) Learn something new…a career change, start a hobby, learning a new language etc…
9) Being less selfish and help others
10) Finally getting organized


BillyWarhol said...

My #1 is to Make BIG $$$ in 2009!!

I'm Going for it!! ;)) Peace*

AC Associates said...

Hi Billy,
Thanks for dropping by. Want to wish you luck with your resolution. Go for it