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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Watch Out For Bears

Do you have a bird feeder at home? If so, are you always chasing those pesky squirrels away from eating all the bird food?

Look at these never know what may be checking out that bird feeder!


What on earth is that line made of?!?!?!?


Hye said...

Is the photo real? Looks like the thread is very strong that it can carry a bear. Wow.

Hye of Space of Reality

Anonymous said...

'Bear-ly' believable???, Sure is....

Bears are generally scavengers, and any food that can be reached is fair game. They are like big raccoons. We used to have to hang our food in the trees when outback camping, and the bears would still find a way, at times, to get to it. They do, however, make a mess, and don't clean up after themselves.

Our 'bird feeder' hosts a multitude of bird species, and several squirrels too (no bears yet). They all play well together, and most often feed at the same time. They all have no problem with that. Funny how nature can work out problems of working together that we humans seem to have difficulty with. The squirrels now will actually come right up to us and take unshelled peanuts from our hands. I'm not sure I would like to feed a bear that close.

This baby bear is hysterical. I would like to see the rest of the photos of how she got back down to mother earth! That was probably a trip. And a half.

Great post.

icepricessa said...

wow.. that's amazing, never knew that bears went for feed in the bird feeder.

Hye said...

Hi AC,

A tag is waiting for you at Space of Reality. Check it out and have fun ;D See you there.


AC Associates said...

Hello Hye,
I believe the photo is real. The baby cub was sent to me by a friend thru email. She knows how I love animals...

Well hello...even though you are anonymous to others, I know who you are...haha, but thanks for visiting and sharing. You know how I enjoy photos of animals. This was just adorable, wasn't it?

Thanks for stopping by. Oh yes, bears are scavnegers and will probably eat just about anything. See the comment left by anonymous.

AC Associates said...

Thanks Hye for always thinking of me and including me in your fun tags/memes...