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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WAH Watchdog is on our side...

How many times have you heard or read… you can make tons of money on the Internet with this program or that program OR you will become rich by using this work at home program?

Are you aware of the many different scams out there or the programs that request you pay an up front registration fee before you can get access to their program (this fee is on top of the product cost), only to find out their promises were just lies? We all know you can’t get rich overnight…okay, if one was to win the lottery….maybe, but the real truth is there are programs available that you can make money from if you take the time, put in the effort and follow their program.

I’m finding the biggest hyped up product these days is the rebate processing work at home program. The emails I have been getting lately, promise the world. After clicking on the link provided in the email (I’m always curious), it brings you to a landing page full of hype.

I have come across a review site (Wah Watchdog) that strictly reviews work at home programs and/or affiliate type programs. Before you get scammed or shell out your hard earned money for a program, take a good look at this review site. Each product is scored with an A, B, C, D or F. What I liked about review site is the scores are given by actual users of these programs and then casting their own votes. Some other review sites are somewhat biased and are not scoring these programs with the users in mind. There are other motives. You’ll find both positive and negative opinions/votes based upon the users experience. You can scan down the list of over 100 programs and locate the programs given an A or A-, B or B+ and read the details. These are the programs you would most likely want to purchase rather than the programs with grades C, D or F.

So….if you are considering a work at home program that will enable you to make some additional monthly income, use this review site first before getting scammed.

And, don’t forget to cast your own vote if you have had any experience with any of the products listed, so you can help others.


Brian Morgan said...

Hey like to style of your blog. Noticed the interest in "business opportunity ratings" heres a link seems he does his homework- Brian Morgan (Do You Know? - Blog on BlogCatalog) THNX Brian

Hye said...

Hi there AC, I do agree that there are programs which are scam. I have several experiences with scam programs and I feel so frustrated knowing I invested my time and in the end, I wouldn't receive my earnings. Thanks for sharing about WatchDog ;D

Hye of Space of Reality

AC Associates said...

Hi Brian,
Thanks for stopping by and sharing.
I'll check out the link. Thanks

Hi Hye,
You're welcome. I hate it too when you believe you found a worthy program and it turns out to be smoke screens and lies. Hope this helps in your next decision on becoming involved with a home based money maker. Let me know

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