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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

For Your Safety

I was home today and when I completed everything on my 'to-do' list, I decided to see what is on TV during the day. Clueless, I was channel surfing and came across the Tyra Banks show.

She had an interesting segment on "For Your Safety". It was actually geared towards women and dating, but this information can be applied to everyone...even children.

The segment was showing how when women go out and are approached by a man (or men), they give out so much personal information during conversation. I was amazed as I listened and watched a video showing a man walking up to a woman, who then started to flirt with her. He started asking her questions about where she lived, where she worked etc..and the women gave him exact addresses. What was she thinking? She didn't even know this man. He could have been a stalker or worse.

We don't realize as we are engrossed in a conversation just how much personal information we give out to complete strangers.

In this day and age there is so much we need to protect ourselves from. Identity theft, stalkers, rapists, pedophiles, theives.

The Internet is a constant for most people and you may not realize what information you are providing to others about yourself.

This is something to teach your children too. Innocent ones should never give out information to strangers. Teenagers may not be aware of the dangers or think the conversation is one to not worry about, but what they are doing is providing a way to be found. Young people sometimes have a narrow mind about the world and don't realize what can happen.

Please be cautious when in conversation with someone you don't know. Think before speaking about personal information... if in the wrong hands it can cause you harm.


Ajayprabhu said...

Life is all about taking risk..We cant think always negatively or always postively we should be open to both when what needed..As far as fraud of personal information ,I agree its very common on net but it have two sides..At introspectively when I think over it,do we really know those people who is very close to us?Do they never decieved us when their self interest came in relations?I'would say knowingly or unknowingly we cheat people around us when our self interest become paramount thats why I never except much from any relationship except my mother and father because their love is unconditional..I think ,mother and son relation is biggest and more valuable than any other relations..
As far as stranger concern,if you have big bank balance then dont share much personal information otherwise its ok because who knows that stranger may be send by god for some purpose....

My Sassy Mind said...

Hi there... just dropping by to say Have a great weekend. Have fun!!!

My Sassy Mind

AC Associates said...

Hi Ajya,
Ture, God may send someone into our life for a good reason, but there is need unfortunately in this world that we need to protect ourselves from giving away too much information.
I have personally seen how greed can turn negative and affect us.
Young ones to our elders seem to be taken advantage of when someone who has negative intentions gets their hands on their personal information.

Hello sassy mind,
thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well with you.