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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Take A Break

We live such a fast paced life, don't we? Always rushing to and from work, taking care of family, chores etc etc...It seems we never have enough 'time'.

Some people are now faced with financial hardships and might even be losing their jobs caused by the current economic situation, which has created additional stress.

Here's alittle something to just sit for a few minutes and relax. Let you mind release the mental stress.

Take a break. This fun website called lets you unwind. You control the dancing marine animals playing in the calm blue waters...I don't know about you, but when I view water whether it is the ocean, bay, lake or even in a fish tank, I feel relaxed.

The idea behind Shark Break was to raise awareness of marine life conservation and ocean preservation.

So head over to and take a well deserved break. As you move your mouse side to side, up and down...the fish or dolphin or even the shark will playfully dance for you. Enjoy the scenery and take a break!

Chose your dancing animal by clicking HERE

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