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Friday, July 11, 2008

Using Affirmations As A Tool

Do you find that you repeat the same mistakes over and over? Do you find the way you act in and react to situations aren't working? Do you have regrets?
There are ways you can move forward and break your negative routine.

Are you open minded enough to use affirmations as a tool to embrace the new? Using affirmations can release yourself from negative patterns. Affirmations are a way to feel better about ourselves. Repeating affirmations train our minds to bring positive and useful thoughts instead of repeating the same old unhelpful images and thoughts that make us feel negative.

If you are holding onto the past by dwelling on past mistakes, past hurts and so on, you will not move forward with an open mind or heart. Every experience we encounter is a learning one. Try to embrace the lesson and move forward.

An affirmation that may help....fill in the blank to suit your situation

It (has been) or (used to be) hard, but I am learning to do ________.

You can change any negative thought by replacing it with a positive one. It might even help to write down your negative thoughts and change it on paper to a positive one. Then repeat it.

Writing down your negative thoughts may help bring awareness to the many negative thoughts you actually 'hear'.

If you can't write down your thoughts,as soon as you hear a negative thought, say cancel...and replace it with a positive. After awhile, this will become routine for you and you will do this automatically. You will be surprised at how easily positive thinking will become.

Remember: Positive thinking creates positive results

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