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Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Post Recognized in Sibyl Magazine

Back in January I posted, 'Welcoming Change'. This post came after Hye from Space of Reality commented on a previous post, Do You Know Where to Find Opportunity.

In February, I was approached by the owner/author of an online magazine...Sibyl...for the Spirit and Soul of Women to submit any number of articles (posts) I had written to be considered for their April/May issue. Sibyl had visited my other blog...A Circle of Women and liked what she read.

I did submit several posts and to my surprise Welcoming Change, which turned into Are You Afraid of Change? was included in the spring issue.

Page 27...check it out HERE

Thank you Hye for your comment, which in turn prompted me to write further.

Go to Sibyl Magazine now and request your FREE issue.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,

Great stuff...

Have you promoted this blog on Fast Pitch!( It's an online business network that has as one of it's features a way to promote your blog to their audience of small business owners. FP was actually just named Website of The Week by MSNBC's 'Your Business' show for small business owners.

If you're already on another network (LinkedIn, etc.) - no problem. Fast Pitch! takes a completely different approach. Compare Networks:

Keep up the good work!


AC Associates said...

Hello Tammy,
Sorry about this extremely late response. I have been recovering from illness.

Thank you for visiting and sharing this information with me. I will look into it. I haven't heard of Fastpitch network.

It was very nice of you to take the time to comment.