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Saturday, April 28, 2007

"As One Door Closes, Another Door Opens"

I've always believed that when "one door closes, another door opens" ....
This past Wednesday, I had to use this phrase and try to persuade my brother into believing it too.

My brother, Mark Carangelo, LMT, NMT is the head administrator, director and owner of The American Institute of Alternative Medicine . Mark has over ten years of neuromuscular therapy teaching experience and clinical experience treating patients with various acute and chronic pain syndromes. He has extensive personalized training experience with the Aaron Mattes flexibility training program. His school is housed in a professional building where classrooms and practice rooms contain state of the art massage tables and a wide range of anatomical charts, skeletal and muscle models and various teaching aides. There is a library of books, periodicals and videos containing a wide range of massage therapy, anatomy, neuromuscular and flexibility training topics.

On Wednesday, I received a call from Mark (saying through tears) that his school building was burning down and he was in a fire. The fear and unimaginable thoughts that went through my head as I frantically raced out of my office to get to him.

Within 10 minutes, I arrived at the scene. My heart pounding out of my chest. The road was blocked and I had no where to park my car. I just wanted to park and get to him. I noticed a driveway and said to the people watching the burning building, ...." let me park here, my brother's in that building". I just left my car. I ran towards the building engulfed in flames. A few police officers tried stopping me as did two firemen, but I continued running until I got as close as I could to find my brother. After what felt like an hour, I finally found him walking away from the building. THANK GOD! In a short time we found out No one was hurt. How amazing

I've never before witnessed a raging fire that destroys in seconds. We stood there watching in disbelief. The sadness we felt to watch as everything you worked so hard for, be lost.
The firemen who responded did a tremendous job in putting out this 4 alarm fire.

As I stood there, I thought about all the people whose lives are touched by tragic fire or storm related events. How they must have felt if they lost their homes, their possessions or more importantly, loved ones. The excruciating pain and heaviness in their hearts. How sad I heart goes out to all those people.

We were lucky. My brother wasn't hurt. Possessions can be replaced. This event will make him stronger. A new door has opened and it will be a new beginning as he establishes his school in a new location.

I have personally experienced humanity as people come forward to help. There are good people in this world and it really is an uplifting feeling.

  • To the Firemen who worked so hard and did a fantastic job controlling this fire in such a short time...
  • To the people of ARCHER PLUMBING, who left a note on my car stating I could keep my car there as long as needed and wished my brother well...
  • To the many others who offered their help
  • To my brothers' previous graduates who offered supplies, equipment etc, so he can return to teaching his current students as quickly as possible....
I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
"Thank you" seems like such a small word in comparison , but it is truly meant and your acts of thoughtfulness and kindness are appreciated beyond words.

Has any of my readers experienced a true act of kindness? Please post a comment. It would be nice to hear good, uplifting stories and share them with others.


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