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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Money Saving Tips

These days it is important to spend less on things when you can. I think most people are feeling the pinch. Here are a few ways to save some money each money. It does add up.

1. Still Using a Land line?

If you have a cell phone, you probably don't need to keep that land line. A land line is expensive. If you must have a land line, think about switching to your local cable company. They offer bundle packages and/or promotions that will surely be less expensive.
I am one of those people that cannot give up my land line due to business reasons, but I am saving over $100 by switching to my cable company. Their promotion is valid for 2 years. I am saving quite a bit of money each month this way

2. Do you use the ATM frequently?

If you don't like to carry cash around like me, you may use an ATM that is close to you at the moment. Some ATM's charge up to $3.50 in fees just to take your money out. Use the ATM a few times and those fees add up. Instead, try to use the bank your associated with. No fees are charged.
What I have been doing lately is if I am at the food store or other store that allows you to receive cash back, I take money then. I am not charged any additional fees.

3. Still Buying Name Brands?

I know most people are in the habit of buying name brands and are hesitant to purchase store brand products. Have you ever compared labels? I have and realized the same ingredients are usually in both. I now buy store brands and save money each week. No one in my household even notices the difference. In fact, I like the store brand products more.

4. Eat Out Less

If you are on the go and eat dinner out often, try cutting that in half. If you order lunch out while at work, do the same. Considering lunches end up being about $10 each day by the time you add the tax and tip. That's $50 each week! $200 each month! Even by cutting it in half and bringing lunch from home, you can save $100 each month. And, healthier eating too.

5. Can't Give up your Pedicures or Manicures?

The shop I visit charge $25 for a pedicure and I give at least a $5 tip. I'll be honest, a pedicure is the most relaxing experience...right girls? Since summer's over, I'll get one last pedicure to last the winter. I usually bring a polish from home, so if needed, I can touch up when needed.

During the summer I cut my pedicures down to once a month. I saved $90 each month by doing this.
I do my own manicures, so I didn't have that expense to worry about. But, if you need to get manicures, try going a week or two without. These actions add up in savings each month.

6. Rent Movies?

If you've already given up on going out to the movies and paying those ridicules fees, but now rent movies, you can still save. The local food stores here in my NJ area offer machines that allow you to rent a movie for $1.00! that's right one dollar. Have you noticed if your food stores offer the same?

You can also get yourself a library card at your local library. They are free and usually libraries have an awesome video/audio department. Instead of paying those high cost rental fees, FREE is great.

7. Still Have a Gym Membership?

If you do and pay monthly fees, do you really go to the gym as much as you should? If you don't, that is wasted money. I recently read that gym members visit their gym once a week...four times a month. Does that justify you paying those monthly fees? There are many ways you can stay active at home that will cost you zero.
I love pilates and it cost me $10 to buy a CD. I use that often and incorporate a cardio workout by walking on a treadmill or using my tae bo CD. The savings here are incredible and honestly, I get a better workout and the time spent is focused on my routine, not on my surroundings, nor am I socializing with other gym members, or waiting to use machines etc...

Do you have any money saving tips you would like to share?

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