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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Can Your Favorite Color Predict Your Perfect Job?

According to, your favorite colors and which colors you prefer most to least, can help you figure out which career is best for you. Your color choices can reveal how you approach work, handle tasks and what types of workplaces is right for you.

First you pick the color you prefer, yellow or blue. Then you choose the colors you prefer, purple or orange and then achromatic, white or brown.

Your preferred color choice determines your talents and how you go about tasks. This color choice can also indicate what you overdo.

Here are some examples of what certain choices may reveal:

If you prefer: yellow, purple and white: You're the communicator.
Careers in corporate communications, marketing or religious occupations work best.

If you prefer: red, green and black: You're the investor.
Careers in finance, accounting, banking, manufacturing, property management, production analysis, investment, money management, consulting, product sales or teaching.

If you prefer: blue, orange and brown: You're the activist.
Careers in engineering, building, or developing new programs, companies or products. Also consider law enforcement, firefighting, social or government work.

For your own free career evaluation, visit: and find out your results.


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My favorite color is White the job you describes are relevant to me i am agree with your experience.

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Colors have great importance in life, i think color will also effect human behavior, those person who like white color are like peace and hate wars,so they have kind heart,and like their religion,so religion job is best for them.