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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Music Memories

My cousin had an unique baby shower. Her and her husband not only invited friends and relatives, but spouses, significant others and children. It was a beautiful day and they turned this baby shower into a pool and barbecue party.

It really was a good time and I thought it was a great idea. As the hours passed, the music turned a bit nostalgic. We're an Italian family and out of the stereo speakers were old Italian songs blasting. Some made famous by ole blues eyes, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. As the songs played, we all had a 'moment'. One by one you can see the look of recognition as a song came on that brought back a memory. I was even saying...I remember when...
My parents, aunts and uncles always had these songs playing.

Before you knew it, we were all laughing and singing and dancing to the tunes. I asked my cousin which CD was playing because my Mom and I particularly liked the Dean Martin songs. She told me is was Martin Sands, which is a live performance, known to be an historic event at the Sands. Let me explain that this CD was not just music, it was comedy. Dean Martin's jokes and comments had us all hysterical. His style was unique and there will never be another entertainer like him.

Has music ever brought you to think of a childhood memory?

If you like the old songs made famous by Dean Martin, you really should check this one out. It made us laugh and it just has that light, feel good feeling. It's always nice to walk down memory lane...

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