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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June is National Safety Month

Electric safety should be a priority in every home. Hundreds die and thousands are injured every year by accidents that could have been prevented.

The following safety checklists is for your whole home, your electrical panel, and your bedroom/living room areas.

Your Whole House

1. Do you limit your use of extension cords?
2. Do you read and follow manufacturers’ instructions for the products you purchase and use?
3. Are appliances—including heaters, lamps, radios, televisions and telephones—stored and used a safe distance away from bathtubs, hot tubs, sinks, and swimming pools?

Your Electrical Panel

1. Do you and all the adults in your home make sure your hands and the floor are dry before touching anything in your fuse or circuit breaker box?
2. Do you and the adults living in your home know to turn the main power switch off before changing a fuse (if your electrical panel is equipped with fuses, not breakers)?
3. If your electrical system uses fuses, do you have replacement UL-listed fuses of the correct current or amp rating on hand for emergencies?

Your Living Room and Bedrooms

1. In winter, are portable electric heaters placed at least three feet from upholstery, curtains, or other flammables?
2. When using an electric blanket, make sure it is in good condition... free from cracks or breaks in wiring, plugs, and connectors?
3. Do you always grasp the plug (not the cord) when unplugging electrical items?

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