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Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Generation Gap in the Office

Have you ever wondered if how your co-workers communicate can be due by their generation?

The technological revolution may cause conflict in the office due to the pace in which change has occurred. Baby boomers and Traditionalists think about picking up the phone first, Generation X'ers tend to use email and Millenials may use texting.

If a business plan regarding etiquette is not in place, this can cause conflict among the 4 generations. If a company is solely concerned about the appropriate communication and is dominated by one generation, it may be time to re-evaluate and consider what the client wants instead.

Embracing the differences between the generations, you will find's not about right or wrong, or better or worse.

The 4 Generations: Which one are you?

(ages 63 plus - 5% of today's workforce)
* loyal, have faith in institutions
* value logic ad discipline
* slow to embrace new technologies
* want to build a legacy

Baby Boomers:
(ages 44-62 - 43% of today's workforce)
* Idealistic, question authority
* Competitive, seek out titles and recognition
* wary, but open to adapting new skills
* want to build a stellar career

Generation Xers:
(ages 28-43 - 42% of today's workforce)
* skeptical, distrustful of institutions
* resourceful and self-reliant
* highly adaptive to change
* want to build a portable career

(ages up to 28 - 10% of today's workforce)
* realistic, value-diversity and change
* globally concerned
* have fully incorporated tech tools into life
* want to build a meaningful career

According to, a 2007 study found that 65% of all business executives generally prefer to communicate via email, up from 34%
just 10 years ago


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