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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Getting Your House Ready To Sell

Today while speaking to a client, I was asked: "I'm a
What can I do to my house when preparing to put it up for sale?"

Below are some tips you can use to get your home ready.

Do you remember the first time you saw your home? What were the features that made you want to buy it? Chances are those same features will be appealing to your buyer. Perhaps there was something special about the patio. Or maybe it was the flower garden in the back yard. How about those special features in the kitchen that impressed you. You liked that large party room. That little pantry off the kitchen that's been so handy. Do you recall how these features looked when you first saw them? Restore them. Bring them back. They are going to help sell your home.

Before you start to promote your home give it a thorough cleaning. Wash the windows. Shine the floors. Polish the furniture. Scour and scrub the kitchen and bathrooms. Give the landscape a good manicure. Curb Appeal is going to make the buyer want to go inside.

Clean out the garage, attic, basement and all closets. Hold a yard sale to get rid of unwanted items. You can donate anything that doesn't sell to charity (Salvation Army or Good Will etc.)

Make sure the house has a clean fresh smell in every room. Even the closets. Open the windows and air things out. Carpets and curtains can collect bad smells like tobacco and cooking odors. Check bathrooms and basement for mildew odors.

Make minor repairs. Fix squeaky door hinges, old peeling paint, cracked or stuck windows, loose door knobs, crumbling grout between bathroom and kitchen tile, rusty gutters, and sinks that leak and don't drain properly.

The front of your home is where the first impression is made. Make sure the drive-way is clean and free from oil spots. Eliminate moss or mildew build-up on the front steps. The hardware on your front door should sparkle. Take care of paint that's peeling. Add a little color to the porch with a basket of flowers. A nice door mat also makes the front door look appealing.

The entry area will also create first impressions. Repair scratches in wood floors or worn spots in carpets. A well placed mirror can make an entry area look larger, especially with flowers in front of it. Be sure to have the entry closet clean and free of clutter.

Put high wattage light bulbs in all fixtures and turn them on when you show the home. Keep the drapes open so that everything is well lit. Dark areas can send out a bad message. People may think you're trying to hide something. If you have rooms painted in dark colors change them to light colors, such as an off white. Lighter colors create an open look.

Have as much open space as you can. Personal family heirlooms can make the home look like a museum. Put away all the personal possessions and let the buyer see how much room there really is. The buyer needs to have a clear picture how their belongings are going to fit in the house. Remove unnecessary furniture. The more furniture in the room the smaller it looks. Sometimes family pictures can make walls look cluttered. A mirror that is placed in the right spot can make a room feel larger.

These tips may take some time, but in the end, you will see the reward.

Watch This Video for Additional Tips:

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